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Open assessment training is a hands-on training for people who want to learn to utilise the functionalities of Opasnet and the principles of open assessment. The first day of the training will be organised as lectures in Finnish; see a a separate page.

General information

Time: 15.2.-19.2.2010
Place: THL, Tutkimuskeskus Neulanen, Kuopio (see map)
Organizer: National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Department of Environmental Health

See the map below to check the locations of National Institute for Health and Welfare, (THL), Department of Environmental Health. You can zoom into the map and by clicking the red pins on the map, an information box indicating the name of the location will appear.

<googlemap width="375" zoom="11" type="map" lon="27.638855" lat="62.903976"> m62.893334, 27.679328, Kuopio, Finland 62.890603, 27.627397, THL </googlemap>


This hands-on training will contain group work and discussions, and practical editing of Opasnet and Analytica models. The main objectives are

  • to remove thresholds preventing the use of Opasnet,
  • share useful practices of information sharing in scientific work,
  • look at the actual assessment or modelling tasks in ongoing projects, and share information and ideas to promote the work,
  • teach a core group of researchers to excel open assessment and who are capable of organising the Open assessment workshop 2010.


Rationale contains things that are suggested to the training.

List of practical problems with Opasnet

  • Things are difficult to find.
  • The use of attributes/subtitles is unclear.
  • It is difficult to give a name to a page.
  • Add new problems.

List of tasks that that have been done in Opasnet recently

  • Add new tasks. Each person in the risk group should add at least four.

List of tasks that could not be done in Opasnet and reasons why

  • Add new tasks. Each person in the risk group should add at least two.


Topics that will be covered

  • Uploading model results into Opasnet Base
  • Downloading results from Opasnet Base
  • Building a model that uses data from Opasnet Base (get_result and other functions)
  • Plausibility test and its use in practice.
  • Examples of data in Opasnet Base
  • Merging Expoplatform to Opasnet Base
  • Structuring Intarese WP3.1 Traffic into open assessment format.
  • Using Opasnet Base as a data archive for a study.
  • Running statistical analyses from Opasnet Base.

Useful background material

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