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This is the website of the project called "Helsinki Climate Challenge Clusters and Systems Innovation Mapping" (Cluster Mapping in short). Transition Cities is a project on EU Climate-KIC programme for facilitating the transition into a low-carbon society with city system innovations. Innovation is defined by the EU 'broad definition' of innovation. "System innovation" involves different technologies, a variety of social and behavioural innovations, and a diversity of societal actors. The clusters are addressing buildings, transport and energy networks.


Can the existing portfolio of Helsinki's climate mitigation innovation projects be strategically managed in a more effective way to promote low carbon transitions in city-wide sociotechnical systems? Is the process of Cluster Mapping possible to be done in a 12-week journey?

suggested improvement to guide the work: How should the Helsinki CM innovation projects be managed so that
  • they more effectively reduce carbon intensity,
  • people involved can more easily see the overall picture and thier own role in it,
  • synergisms between projects can be identified and utilised.
  • some practical guidance can be produced in 12 weeks and hence demonstrate the usefulness of this management?

Intended use and users

The users are different actors of climate mitigation in Helsinki area, especially different departments of the City of Helsinki.


The project is conducted by the City of Helsinki Environment Centre with the assistance of Climate-KIC Transition Cities.

Is this open assessment? Will this be advertised to outside groups?


The contents of this assessment do not necessarily represent the views of the City of Helsinki nor the Climate-KIC Transition Cities. This website is for the learning purposes and collaborating of the Transition Cities Helsinki Team, and for anybody interested in this project.

Decisions and scenarios


Task Time In Charge
Kick-off (Pre-workshop 1) 23.3. Team
Invitations to the 1st Workshop by 1.4. Sonja
Collecting the data 30.3.-18.4. Sonja
Submitting the data by 18.4. Sonja
Follow-up phone call 20.4. Team
1st Workshop 11.5. Team
2nd Workshop by 7.6. Team





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